WANNA-BE PET RESCUE is a legally licensed 501c non profit. As such, we accept donations and can issue a receipt for tax purposes. Every donation that is recieved goes towards medical attention, nutrition, housing our pets with fosters, and upkeep of our equipment.  
As a rescue, we have rehomed and cared for hundreds of cats and kittens and we are not the only rescue in the area doing so.  With that in mind, kitten season weighs heavily on us when all rescues are too full to accomodate more. We are limited in space but, if donations are significant, we are able to supply foster parents with essentials.  This  keeps the intake flow moving to accommodate more cats that have been found and/or surrendered.
what we spend per month(estimated) for our rescue:
$300 litter
$160 food
$125 garbage removal
$2000 veterinary services
$350 cleaning supplies
 $350 spay/neuter

We Love Them Like Family
Donations are brought in through our external links. We use facebook, paypal, gofundme, and we also set up online auctions and sell through various places to facilitate the care of these animals.
With our adoptions/fosters we have a simple process. 
As a sponsor you will be added to the mailing list which shows updates of new furry friends who come into Wanna-Be Pet Rescue and updates of those finding their forever homes. You will also be updated on new events such as fundraisers, auctions and sales we will be promoting to help with donations.
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A Cat is for Life
Cats are part of your family. Our furry family members go through tremendous amounts of stress when they are surrendered or left abandoned, but are still able to push through with the help of a rescue.

Our rescue lives off of donations to facilitate the medical care and rehabilitation of these pretty pets, and without donations from our supporters, we are not able to continue to do so.  Many of them require surgeries for spay/neuter,  and medical surgeries needed due to neglect.  Food is an absolute necessity as you know, along with maintaining our equipment.

Every dollar helps and the button below is in $1.00 increments so you may adjust your quanitity to donate more.

We thank you for your support and donations and warmly thank you for giving these pets a second chance.