Follow us on our jouney to preserving the rescue. Everyone benefits!!
If you would like to sponsor or be a vendor at one of our events please contact us.  Payments must be included at time of submitting forms.
************Forms for vendors and sponsors have not been uploaded yet so please be patient and we will get the word out when they are :-)

Schedule of Events

Our schedule covers  variety of events from vet visits to open house to fundraising ventures. PLease feel free add yourself to our mailing list to get a monthly flyer with our events and plans before everyone else. 
  1. T-shirt sales
    t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies and tote bags are all available for purchase. Please consider purchasing one of these items in various available colors to show your support and become a certified rescue sponsor!
  2. T-shirt sales
  3. Becca's Beauty with Sweet Minerals ((((ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE))))
    Products are organic, natural, gluten free, vegan, and 100% animal cruelty free. This fundraiser is being done through commission of sales and 20% is being donated to us at the rescue. October19th- LIVE SHOW purchase large makeup bags full of great stuff for 35.00 ----Value of the bags and their contents are 50.00+ .....Please take a moment to go to Becca's beauty with sweet minerals facebook page for all updated information. Also click the link to be taken to the event page on facebook and the link to pre purchase your make up bag via paypal!
teeshirt/bag order page
Becca's Beauty with Sweet Minerals
make-up Bag Purchase