On this page you will find all the forms that we carry for adoptions, fostering, surrenders, fundraising, vendors, sponsors and more:

Both surrender forms must be completed fully when surrendering your pet to the rescue.
Fees will be required with forms before the surrender will be final.
Until the rescue representative signs off on the intake form you are still the legal owner.
Once the representative does sign off you are no longer connected to the pet or contacted in the case of sickness, veterinary needs, or adoption status.

surrender Pt.1
surrender Pt. 2
Adoptions are done by the founder only at this point.
Home inspections will be conducted if necessary and are NOT NEGOTIABLE if the founder feels it will help in being the deciding factor for adoption of one of our adoptable furry friends.
If you are asked for a home inspection and decline you will no longer be available to adopt.  Same applies after adoption, Wanna-Be Pet Rescue reserves the right to make house calls just as a landlord to ensure the adoptable pet is working well in its new surroundings.
Adoption fees are required upon completion and submission of our adoption form and there will not be any negotiations.
Our main concern as a rescue is to ensure every pet finds the perfect forever home without a cause for concern if they will match your lifestyle.
When completing the form please use the back to include any additional information that pertains to your family lifestyle. Examples would include: "travel moderately." "We are gone for 2 weeks every month." - this information would help us find you a suitable match that does generally wellbeing left alone and does not have seperation anxiety or health problems that need to be monitored daily/weekly.

ALSO, if your adopting and the pet you wanted wont be acceptable with your lifestyle be open to another. We have many kittens and cats that need loving homes that only our adopters can provide.
More forms will be added as they become available. Please be patient and contact us directly on our Facebook page through a message and we will respond within 24 hours!
The Team